Argo Museum

The building will receive the mythical ship of Argo after a long journey through the centuries. It will accommodate the city’s main historical emblem, popular all around the world. Along with the mythical ship, it will also accommodate the myth itself. The architectural proposal aims in creating more than a museum. Its goal is to create an environment of knowledge, learning, surprise, game and interaction, that will be able to embody and express the mythical, historical and modern aspect of the Argonautic expedition.

The architectural proposal consists of three parallel zones: the first is the “filter” towards the road, an inclined ramp-platform and a linear outdoor space. The second is the building itself and the third is the south zone, a green outdoor space of interactive games. The building’s spatial structure is based on a wavy bearer that creates a pair of “solid” and “void” volumes where the two basic uses are placed. Argo’s Hall is situated inside the “void – curved” volume and the Multimedia Hall inside the “solid – hollow” volume. A third spatial unity that accommodates the supplementary uses and entrance is placed underneath the wavy bearer.

Our basic intention was to create a living space, kinetic, with multiple views and a desirable sense of alternativity and complexity, that will convert a simple visit to the museum in a small adventure.