Two Floor House in Voula

The project a two-floor residence in a large plot in Voula.

Light and openness was the user’s main request. The architecture proposal organizes the house in a square sliced in two by an axis that contains the vertical movement between floors. All communal spaces have extended large openings, so that the user never loses optical touch with the natural environment around. Large sliding shades with ceramic tiles are used in the semi open outdoor space, to provide shade or a medium privacy. Bedrooms are situated on the first floor.

The stairs as an architectural gesture is obvious in the total volume of the structure, since it divides the concrete volume in two, creating a linear glass ceiling that allows the natural light to penetrate into the space.

Cultural Center for G&M Vergottis Foundation

The project concerned the creation of a cultural hub in Kourkoumelata village of Cephalonia, in order for the Vergotis Foundation to host its’ art collections and expand its’ activities.

The requested premises were a closed space where the collection of G. Steris will be exhibited, a space for temporary exhibitions and children’s activities, a settlement to accommodate the activities of 4 artists in residence, an open theater of 300 seats and a parking area of 50. The new development will be formed on a site where the two current, totally disparate buildings are placed. The new development will be a generous gesture to connect the current buildings and expand the Foundation’s cultural activities both at the indoor and the outdoor area. The concept imitates the setting of a small village using a similar architectural vocabulary (yards, paths, freedom of movement, small structures) while it maintains its’ public references. The spaces are expanded under an elongated roof, while the closed and open areas interchange. The new development functions as an artificial limit for the 3 gardens, of painting, sculpture and workshops, but also for the parking area which was asked not to be visible. The theater comes as a pick of the visitor experience.