Renovation & Expansion of Incompleted Two Storey House

The house is located in the west coast of Leros, in the picturesque bay of Agios Isidoros. The existing concrete structure lacked in general architectural forethought. There was no planning for the building’s relation with the surrounding environment, the island or even the view to the sea. Rooms and spaces inside the house were poorly designed.

Our main goal was to overcome the given legislation and construction difficulties and actually “break the box”. The basement’s facade is revealed by reorganizing the surrounding ground elevation, and the house now consists of two ground floors in different levels. In the upper ground floor (level A) all bedrooms with walk in wardrobes and spacious bathrooms are placed. Balconies are added, as a fundamental element of greek architecture and way of living. In the ground floor below (level B) the communal living spaces are placed and a wide opening to the outdoor space is designed, so that the shadowed pergola space and the pool can be united with the living room. The floor is now perceived and lived as a continuous semi-open space, that is adjusted to the greek climate, the local style and the relaxing island vacation way of life. Local materials and colors are used to achieve the surface disunion and give a different optical result onto the stringent and monotonous volume.